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When considering purchasing a new home, it is important to consider how much you are willing to pay to afford it. It would also be beneficial to find the monthly housing cost including insurance and taxes. Buy a home that you can afford – roughly two and a half times your yearly salary. Your credit score should be clean as well. Make sure your credit card bill is in order several months before you start looking for a house. A good credit score gives you a better chance at getting a competitive mortgage.

One may want to consider how long they are staying. If you aren’t planning on staying for at least five years it doesn’t make much financial sense to buy a house. If you’re thinking of buying an old home, keep in mind the amount of home repair is likely to be much higher. Newer homes are built with energy efficiency in mind, and more be more cost-effective in the long-run. Hiring a house-inspector before purchasing can be pricey, but it could also save you from far more expensive mistakes.

Plan your location wisely – consider all possible social amenities and infrastructure such as electricity, water, roads, and stores. Even if you don’t have kids, better schools often come with better neighborhoods. Take the overall quality of houses in and around your neighborhood into your account. Check your quality of structure, water control facility, paint, roof, circuit breaker, plumbing, heating, cooling, insulation, fireplace etc. Anything you can thing that might cost you in the future – find out before you buy.


Selling Homes as a Job!

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The average 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage is at the lowest level in almost nine months as mortgage rates dropped for the fifth consecutive week straight, according to Freddie Mac’s Primary Mortgage Market Survey.
The 30-yr, FRM averaged 4.12% for the week ended May 29, 2014, down from last week’s 4.14%, but up from 3.81% a year ago. The 15-yr, FRM hit 3.21%, declining from 3.25%, and slightly up from 2.98% last year. What does this mean to you. Your mortgage new mortgage is still very affordable. Today you can get more home for you money. But next week that may change.  For Carolina new home information visit to access the largest number of builder blogs and websites in the Carolina’s. From any of these sites or blogs you can read interviews with regional builders, take tours of neighborhoods and meet the Realtors who market new homes. If you have any questions about new homes in the Carolina contact

Insurance for First-Time Buyers: Home Safe

Buying a first home or a new home is one of those moments that go down in a person’s life as memorable. But with the excitement and joy of purchasing, moving into and decorating comes plenty of responsibility, and one of these is properly insuring the home for the safety of your family and your property. According to Sass Schirmer, principle agent and owner of Schirmer Insurance Group, LLC, neglecting home insurance will jeopardize your investment.

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Myrtle Beach Extreme Home Makeover!

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When you tune into “Extreme Makeover Home Edition” on ABC, feel-good moments are expected. But when the national show comes to your community and hundreds of local businesses pitch in with time, talent and resources to make dreams come true for your neighbors – the positive vibes last long after Ty Pennington moves the bus.

Horry County, which surrounds Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, has welcomed Extreme Makeover Home Edition twice. In 2007, Renee Wilson and her four grandchildren went from living in a 12-by-60-foot mobile home to a 3,500 square-foot house. Three years later, the Suggs family said goodbye to their 1,000-squarefoot home and moved their large family into 3,500-square feet of living space. Both of these amazing transformations culminated over the course of a week and couldn’t have been completed without the hard work and generosity of hundreds of community volunteers, sponsors and businesses.

This life-changing work doesn’t go unnoticed by the family on the receiving end of all the generosity.

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Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

The Crown Jewel of the Grand Strand, which stretches from Georgetown, South Carolina, to Calabash, North Carolina, Myrtle Beach sits in the center of a 60-mile crescent of beautiful beaches. For years, the area’s tranquil qualities have drawn tourists from around the world and have made Myrtle Beach one of the top retirement destinations in the country.

Myrtle Beach got its name from the indigenous wax myrtle shrub that thrives in the area’s sandy soil. The first documented landing in the area was in 1526 by the Spanish sailing out of Hispaniola. However, the conquistadors did not find the area to their liking and left shortly thereafter, preferring the more southern latitudes of Florida for their base of operations.

Myrtle Beach is rapidly becoming the entertainment center of the East Coast…

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